jQuery Content Panel Switcher

    The jQuery Content Panel Switcher is a simple, very lightweight jQuery plugin that allows smooth transitioning of content in and out of panels located anywhere on the page. You can have single or multiple content switching panels on a single page Content panels can be either span or div elements, and the buttons used to switch the content can be just about anything, so long as they have the right clases assigned.

    jQCloud – jQuery Tag Clouds Plugin

    jQCloud allows you to build neat cloud-shaped word clouds and tag clouds. Since this plugin produces pure HTML code, the word cloud layout can be easily personalized with custom CSS styles.

    Uber-customsiable video carousel with jQuery

    This carousel and featured-content rotator excels in two areas: firstly, it serves both video and graphic content, and secondly, it is super-customisable in terms of where the three components of the carousel – namely the slides, the tabs and the ‘more info’ area – are positioned within it. An XML file controls all behavioral and visual aspects of the carousel, though default settings can be overridden at the point of instantiation.

    Memu – A simple CSS JQuery Menu

    A small, solid jQuery plugin which is quite easy to use. It’s a menu which can be used with or without JQuery. What’s special about this script is the included plugin jstorage.js (which is some amazing work btw) to store the current item. So if you’re navigating around, the selected item will stay highlighted. This will spare you some server-side code. You can try this one by clicking on the menu item “File -> New”.

    Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin

    This plugin renders unordered lists into a subway map similar in style to the London Underground map. It emphasizes a clean, aesthetic look with curves and proper placement of markers for stations and interchanges. Without any illustration tools, you can quickly go from HTML markup to a complete map visualization of information in a short amount of time. The rendering uses the HTML5 element and works with any browser that supports this element.

    XML-to-JSON convertor and remapper with jQuery

    This is a jQuery plugin for converting data from XML to JSON format. However its real power lies in its ability to also remap data to a different structure. This can be useful when you have a plugin or application that requires JSON data, but the data is coming from an XML feed that you don’t have structural control over. Data is remapped to the structure you need.

    JAWS: News Ticker and Mini Accordion in jQuery

    This widget-esque script is at once both a news ticker and a mini accordion. It takes a config file of data (headlines, image SRCs, URLs etc) and paginates your headlines into folds. It will optionally auto-rotate through these folds, though you can navigate between them with the numeric tabs at the top right. If an item has ‘more info’ data set in the config, then clicking the headline will reveal that data in an accordion fashion. See below for an example.

    Youtube Instant Search with Jquery and Ajax

    The instant search feature has massively changed the web in past couple of weeks. I had developed real-time Youtube instant search with Jquery and Ajax. It is very simple like my previous posts, just reading the Youtube API JSON file with Jquery. Take a look at this live demo..

    Yahoo Instant Search with Jquery and Ajax

    Yahoo Instant Search with Jquery and Ajax

    Yahoo instant search implementing with Yahoo Search Boss API using jquery and ajax. This is very similar tomy previous post just changing few lines of code. I feel Yahoo search results better than Bing results. Use it and make your own search application.

    Bing Instant Search with Jquery and Ajax

    Some days back I had posted a popular article ‘Youtube instant search with Jquery and Ajax’. I received a lot of request from my readers that asked to me how to instant web search results so I had coded Bing instant search with real time search results. Just few lines of code, reading Bing search JSON API file with Jquery.