Best jQuery Animation Plugins & Tutorials with Demo

    Timeglider – Impressive jQuery Plugin For Data-Driven Timelines

    Timeglider – Impressive jQuery Plugin For Data-Driven Timelines

    Timeglider is a jQuery plugin for displaying any number of events in a highly-flexible timeline.

    Its interface has support for zooming in/out (mouse wheel can be used too) and panning where you can quickly navigate through the time and find events.

    Events are clickable and can display a detailed view of them inside a modal box.

    Moving Boxes Content with jQuery

    Moving Boxes Content with jQuery

    Today we will create a website template with some really sweet animations using jQuery. The idea is to have little boxes scattered around at the top of the site and when a menu item is clicked, the boxes animate to form the main content area. We will use some different animation effects that we will add as options to the menu item.

    Spritely background animation jQuery plugin

    jQuery.spritely is a jQuery plugin created by Artlogic for creating dynamic character and background animation in pure HTML and JavaScript. It’s a simple, light-weight plugin with a few simple methods for creating animated sprites such as the birds you see on this page, and dynamic scrolling backgrounds.

    How to create kaleidoscope using jQuery and CSS

    Today we continue CSS lessons. Let’s remember an ancient toy – a kaleidoscope, I think everyone remembers since the childhood. You reflected ever as it works? All will probably seem that simply, but is far not so. Today I will show as it is possible to make a kaleidoscope with use JS and CSS. Quite probably that the total example will work not in all browsers, but the demo will be pleasant enough to try.

    jQuery Waypoints: Scroll-Based jQuery Functions

    Creating custom functions with jQuery based on the scroll position of the page just got a whole lot easier. Today i stumbled through an interesting jQuery plugin that i am sure many of you guys will find useful. Waypoints is a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to execute a function whenever you scroll to an element.

    Waypoints makes a solid base for modern UI patterns that depend on a user’s scroll position on the page.

    Simple Vote Using JQuery Animate

    This is a very short post and  simple idea to use JQuery animate function in voting system, I post this maybe it will useful for replacing voting system that using many images, the idea is just expanding the div element (css width property) using animate function, we just need to add the same value on the width element.

    Fly-To-Basket Effect With jQuery

    Here is the complete animated shopping cart with php , Ajax  and jQuery.

    jStackmenu with jQuery

    Here is a jQuery UI widget for Stack Menus.

    Create a Yoyo with jQuery and CSS3

    Here you can learn how to create your own yoyo with the help of CSS3 and jQuery.A beautiful, animated, spinning yoyo that slides down like a real yoyo would? I know I have never even thought of it and I probably would never have the need for it either, however it is very useful to learn (If you don’t already know) how one would go about creating a yoyo so you could use the techniques for other things. View the demo in Safari/Chrome and take full advantage of the CSS3.

    Europe, CSS & jQuery clickable map

    CSS converts a simple list of countries into the fully clickable map. Works with disabled style sheets and JavaScript, as well as on mobile devices. A simple code does not require Flash Player or other plug-ins!