Best jQuery Rotate Image Plugins & Tutorials with Demo

    jQuery plugin: jQueryRotate

    This is an final product of a Wilq32.PhotoEffect Snippet (browse blog to get more information). Actually you can use this simple and tiny script to rotate images (any angle) directly on client side (for ex. user generated content), and animate them using own functions.

    3D Waterwheel Image jQuery Carousel

    3D Waterwheel Image Carousel

    This carousel will take a list of any number of images and rotate them out in either a vertical or horizontal fashion, cascading in with a nice simulated 3D effect. Currently only works with images that are the same dimensions. Many options to customize how it operates and looks. View my website for demonstrations and more.

    Rocking and Rolling Rounded Menu with jQuery

    Rocking and Rolling Rounded Menu with jQuery

    In this tutorial we are going to make use of the incredibly awesome rotating and scaling jQuery patch from Zachary Johnson that can be found here. We will create a menu with little icons that will rotate when hovering. Also, we will make the menu item expand and reveal some menu content, like links or a search box.

    Creating a polaroid photo viewer with CSS3 and jQuery

    Creating a polaroid photo viewer with CSS3 and jQuery

    By combining the CSS3 Box Shadowand Rotate properties, this effect is relatively easy to create. When dragging a polaroid around, you’ll see the shadow. When it’s placed down, it’s rotated to the left or the right (random).

    jQuery iTunes Like Slide Show Gallery

    JQuery iTunes Like Slide Show Gallery

    This example is not really the same like iTunes gallery like in the image left, but at least the basic behavior almost the same, I have played with JQuery UI Slider and Rotate3Di plugin.Actually I modified thejQuery UI slider scroll pane example.

    jQuery Expand Stacked Images Using Slider with Demo

    JQuery Expand Stacked Images Using Slider

    This time the post will show how to expand the stacked images with jquery, for the illustration, there is a stack of images that have very small margin between each image, and the slider have a function to make the margin larger, really easy to imagine right? Now to make it look stacked I’m using jquery plugin, the rotate3Di and of course the jQuery UI slider.