Best jQuery Portfolio Plugins & Tutorials with Demo

    jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin

    jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin

    jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin has a following features :

    • Extendable filter and order buttons.
    • Customize CSS3 driven animation, graceful degradation.
    • About 30 kinds animation transition style, different in easeIn and easeOut.
    • Optional reverse order, you can set the order button support it or not.

    Growing Thumbnails Portfolio with jQuery & CSS3

    Growing Thumbnails Portfolio with jQuery & CSS3

    In this tutorial we will be making a portfolio with HTML5, jQuery and CSS3 that features an interesting growing effect.The important bit to note here is the #carousel unordered list. This element holds a collection of li items that represent your recent works.  The visible class is only added if the thumbnail is to be shown. Only three thumbnails will be visible at a time. The href attribute of the hyperlink can point to the website in question, or a larger version of the image if you plan to use a lightbox together with this example.

    Mini HTML vCard : HTML jQuery Portfolio Template with Demo

    Mini HTML vCard : HTML jQuery Portfolio Template with Demo

    Mni HTML vCard is a free HTML jQuery vCard portfolio template.It is a single-page, mini websitethat is powered with JavaScript (jQuery) and focuses on quickly displaying information about a person.

    The template is completely static except the contact form which requires PHP to function.

    If you would like the contact form messages being e-mailed to you with SMTP authentication, there is a “mail.config” file in the root folder to setup those details.

    How to Build a Sliding One Page Portfolio with jQuery

    How to Build a Sliding One Page Portfolio with jQuery

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an interesting jQuery-powered one-page site. One page sites are usually a great way to show your prospective clients how good you are at what you do. This one is no exception.

    jQuery jmFullWall nice portfolio

    jQuery jmFullWall nice portfolio

    jmFullWall is a jQuery plugin for the creation of an impressive portfolio.

    Making a Beautiful HTML5 & jQuery Portfolio

    HTML5 & jQuery Portfolio

    In today’s tutorial we will be making a beautiful HTML5 portfolio powered by jQuery and the Quicksand plugin. You can use it to showcase your latest work and it is fully customizable, so potentially you could expand it to do much more.

    Expanding Fullscreen Grid Portfolio in jQuery

    jQuery Expanding Fullscreen Grid Portfolio

    Today we want to share a neat experimental portfolio template with you. The main idea is to have a grid layout that we create with jQuery Masonry. Clicking to view more, we expand the according item to fullscreen in order to show a longer description of the item and a representative fullscreen background image.

    jQuery Multimedia Portfolio

    jQuery Multimedia Portfolio with audio player and flv player

    Non obstrusive and accessible portfolio supporting multiple media : photos, video (flv), audio (mp3), will automatically detect the extension of each media and apply the adapted player.

    Shutter Effect Portfolio with jQuery and Canvas

    In today’s tutorial, we will be using the HTML5 canvas element to create a simple photography portfolio, which displays a set of featured photos with a camera shutter effect. This functionality will come in the form of an easy to use jQuery plugin that you can easily incorporate into any website.

    jQuery Portfolio Zoom Slider with Demo

    Portfolio Zoom Slider with jQuery

    In this tutorial we are going to create some nice effects for a portfolio or similar website with jQuery. We will create a tiny slider and integrate it with the amazing Cloud Zoom plugin and the elegant Fancybox plugin.

    The idea is to give the user the option to view details of a portfolio item by zooming it on hover, and to allow a full view by clicking. Moreover, we want to have a couple of images for each item, hence we will create a slider.