Best jQuery Context Menu Plugins & Tutorials with Demo

    A Simple Good Looking Context Menu in jQuery

    jQuery Context Menu

    Yes, there are loads of context menu plugins already. But they require a fair amount of work to make them look good.This one is easy to use, small, and looks good.


    • Tiny library. Only dependency is jQuery.
    • Simple API.
    • Looks good out of the box, with no additional tweaking.
    • Designed to look and behave like a standard Windows context menu.
    • There’s so little code, it should be easy to add your own custom features.

    jQuery jsContext a Custom context menus

    jQuery jsContext a Custom context menus

    jsContext allows developers to easily add custom context menus and tooltips to their websites/apps.

    jQuery Configurable Context Menu

    This is a configurable context menu, it works in three ways: right click, hold down, hover.Callback is executed with parameter e, the menu action event object normalized by jQuery, and el, the element associated with the menu. Menu is an ul with position absolute, menu element are li with .hover class added on mouse over.