10+ Best JavaScript Frameworks 2017

    JavaScript is the most popular and powerful language in web.Javascript frameworks helps you to make network application faster and in easy way. Here we provide you some papular javaScript frameworks in the world, that will help you to make your own web application or software and made it faster to.

    1. AngularJs

    Angular.js is often referred to as an MVW (Model-View-Whatever) framework and among the top benefits, for startups and mid-sized companies, people name: quick code production, easy testing of any app part and two-way data binding (changes in the backend are immediately reflected on the UI).


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    2. Angular framework

    Angular2 comes with a long list of features that enable building everything, ranging from web to desktop and mobile. Framework is built with TypeScript from Microsoft with an eye to making JavaScript more agile and attractive for large enterprises. ng2 features a component-based architecture, improved DI (dependency injection), efficient logging service, inter-component communications and more.

    Angular framework

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    3. ReactJs

    It is rightly considered the fastest growing JS framework: as of today, there are about 1,000 contributors on Github. In MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern React.js acts can be smoothly integrated with any architecture. Due to the usage of virtual DOM it provides a great performance boost, comparing to Angular.


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    4. VueJs

    Vue.js is a better choice for quick development of cross-platform solutions. It can become a firm basis for high-end single page applications (SPAs) and beneficial solution to those cases, when performance is put ahead of good code organization or app structure. It was introduced in 2016.


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    5. EmberJs

    Emberjs is commonly usable for complex feature-rich web applications and website. Among the top users are Chipotle, Blue Apron, Nordstrom, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, Netflix and many others. Moreover it has an easier learning curve and there are oceans of tutorials and guide available online. In 2015 Ember was called the best javascript framework for web application, leaving behind angular and react js.


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    6. MeteorJs

    Meteor is among the most popular JavaScript frameworks but which comes well-heeled with tons of features for back-end development, front-end rendering, database management and business logic. Since release in 2012 its ecosystem has grown drastically and at a swift rate. It covers all the phases of software development.


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    7. NodeJs

    The main idea of Node.js is to use non-blocking, event-driven I/O to remain lightweight and efficient in the face of data-intensive real-time apps that run across distributed devices. In simple words Node.JS is used for specific reasons to fill out particular needs. It helps to build the best network applications and it is capable for handling a large number of connections.


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    8. BackboneJs

    Backbone.js was one of the earliest client-side options to provide an MVC structure commonly found in server-side frameworks. Its only dependency is Underscore.js which was created by the same developer. Backbone.js claims to be a library because it can be integrated with other projects. I suspect most developers consider it to be a framework.


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    9. KnockoutJs

    The predominant features of Knockoutjs are declarative bindings, automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking, and templating features. Relate your existing DOM elements with data models using simple syntax. Whenever you update your data models, the changes within UI are reflected in real-time. Create connections between your data models to combine and transform them.


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    10. Redux

    Redux provides transactional, deterministic state management for your apps. In Redux, we iterate over a stream of action objects to reduce to the current application state. To learn why that’s important, read “10 Tips for Better Redux Architecture.”


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    11. PolymerJs

    Polymer is like the two-way data binding feature to Angular and other JS frameworks. But it also provides its own solutions named Polymer App Toolbox. Using this toolbox, you can develop all kind modern applications that are component-based, offer responsive design, and benefit from the Shadow DOM. And you’ll be able to use already built custom HTML elements.


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    12. AureliaJs

    Aurelia is a web development framework that focuses on making programming . Perhaps what makes Aurelia next-generation is the fact that it has been built purely with ES6 and also incorporates some of the available ES7 (the next JS standard) features already, whilst retaining the ability to function on all modern browsers. The framework is built upon a module-like framework, meaning that it consists of several small and big libraries that can be used either together, or separately depending on the requirements of the kind of application that you are building.


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