IconCaptcha : Anti-Bot Icon Captcha with jQuery & PHP

    IconCaptcha : Anti-Bot Icon Captcha with jQuery & PHP

    IconCaptcha is a faster and more user-friendly captcha than most other captchas. You no longer have to read any annoying text-images, with IconCaptcha you only have to compare two images and select the image which is only present once.

    Besides being user-friendly, IconCaptcha is also developer-friendly. With just a few steps you can get the captcha up and running. Even developers new to JavaScript and PHP can easily install IconCaptcha. The demo page contains all the code needed to get the captcha working.


    • User Friendly: The captcha uses easily understandable images instead of hard to read texts to complete the captcha.
    • Server-side validation: Any validation done by the captcha will be performed on the server-side instead of the client-side.
    • Events: Events are triggered at various points in the code, allowing you to hook into them and execute custom code if necessary.
    • Themes: Select the design of the captcha without having to ever touch the stylesheet.
    • SCSS: The project contains a SCSS file, allowing you to easily style and compile the stylesheet.
    • Supports IE: The captcha supports Internet Explorer 8 and up.

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