jQuery Responsive Modular Lightbox

    jQuery Responsive Modular Lightbox
    • Responsive for every device
    • The most customizable and modular lightbox with a unique code generator.
    • The Bit Brewery Lightbox offers endless combination options of various media formats in one gallery, e.g. a gallery could consist of an image, an iframe, a video and another image.
    • Three themes included and so simple to create your own.
    • The configuration of the Bit Brewery Lightbox is easy and powerful. All click areas have texts that are easily changed.
    • In contrast to many other lightboxes the Bit Brewery Lightbox can be keyboard-operated without the help of a computer mouse. Additionally, tabbing outside of the Lightbox is prevented for easy control.
    • All Bit Brewery products get thoroughly tested with different settings on a wide range of devices.

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