Trigons – Create and Animate Abstract SVG Images

    Trigons - Create and Animate Abstract SVG Images

    Trigons is a flexible JS script which lets you create modern and stylish abstract SVG images with optional animations

    Trigons script is coded as plugin for d3.js library ( and it uses d3’s build-in method of Delaunay triangulation for creating colored and animated abstract images. No jQuery needed.


    • The exclusive feature of Trigons images, that they can be animated with 30 built-in effects.
    • Created Trigons SVG images can be responsive.
    • Retina perfect
    • Flexible and powerful settings
    • Works in all modern browsers
    • Any color, any size
    • Clean bright or flat colors or gradients
    • Build-in Color Palette Generator
    • Convert to PNG
    • Use it as “background-image”
    • Dynamic add, update, animate and convert with 7 JavaScript methods
    • Click, Hover and “Viewport” events
    • Separate “In” and “Out” Animations
    • “Force” Animation Methods
    • Use it via JavaScript and/or via HTML5 data attributes

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