jQuery CSS3 Strength Meter Plugin

    jQuery CSS3 Strength Meter Plugin

    A jQuery plugin that converts a password input into an advanced widget with strength validation meter and toggle mask to show/hide the password. The password strength is validated as you type.


    1. Convert any password input to an advanced password strength validation plugin. Will fallback to a normal password input for browsers not supporting JQuery or Javascript.
    2. The plugin will offer ability to toggle password mask (show/hide password text) and display a dynamic strength meter as you type. Uses advanced strength calculation algorithm which can be customized by setting/overriding the default validation rules.
    3. All options to the password input can be passed as HTML5 data attributes.
    4. Internationalization enabled to show messages in languages other than Englsh. At this stage translations are available for 4 languages (German, French, Italian, and Russian).
    5. Show and hide meter and/or toggle password mask.

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