Pick-a-Color : jQuery color picker for Twitter Bootstrap

    Pick-a-Color : jQuery color picker for Twitter Bootstrap

    A easy-to-use jQuery color picker for Twitter Bootstrap.There are some great color picker plugins out there, but most cater to the needs of techies and designers, providing complicated controls to access every color imaginable.

    Pick-a-Color is designed to be easy for anyone to use. The interface is based on Twitter Bootstrap styles so it looks lovely with the styles of almost any site.


    • Flexible text entry: Accepts HEX, RGB, HSL, HSV, HSVA, and names, thanks to Brian Grinstead’s amazing Tiny Color library.
    • Saved colors: Saves up to 16 recently used colors. Colors are stored in localStorage or cookies.
    • Advanced: Advanced tab lets users modify hue, saturation, and lightness to make any color their hearts desire.
    • Basic color palette: Easy-to-use preset colors that can be lightened and darkened.
    • Chunky mobile styles: Dragging is easy, even on a touch device.
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