Alpaca : Easy HTML5 Forms for jQuery

    Alpaca : Easy HTML5 Forms for jQuery

    Alpaca is the Easy Forms Engine for jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.

    It is built around JSON schema to keep things simple. Using Alpaca, you can express your forms object model, types, properties and validation logic. Forms rendered with Alpaca provide intuitive interfaces for your users while giving your business an assurance of data compliance.

    Alpaca comes pre-configured to work nicely with the following web frameworks:

    • jQuery
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • jQuery UI
    • jQuery Mobile
    • Barebones (empty CSS)

    The Alpaca library is pre-packaged with controls, wizards, layouts, I18N support and pluggable template engines. We ship with support for jQuery Tmpl, EJS and Handlebars. Documentation and API information is provided so that you can extend Alpaca as you see fit.

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