Rich_textarea : jQuery UI plugin replacement for a TEXTAREA

    rich_textarea: jQuery UI plugin replacement for a TEXTAREA

    Rich_TextArea is a jQuery plugin replacement for the venerable HTML TEXTAREA that adds arbitrary triggered autocompletes along with the insertion of rich “embedded objects” included images, links, or any other markup.

    Rich_TextArea is not a WYSIWYG editor. It’s intended to be a replacement for a plain TEXTAREA with some additional features including:

    1. dropdown autocomplete support based on definable trigger characters such as @mentions, #tags, etc.
    2. insertion of arbitrary markup to represent “embedded objects”, such as images, links, etc. which are treated as single entities from the point of view of cursor movement and mouse selections.
    3. regular expression triggered callbacks enabling things like in-line URL rewriting, smiley insertion, etc.
    4. generation of a plain text representation of the editable area.
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