Nex : jQuery Blazing Fast FullScreen Slider

    Nex : jQuery Blazing Fast FullScreen Slider

    Nex slider is a blazing fast fullscreen slider optimized for best performances and compatible with all platforms. It allows you to embed images, videos and even google maps in the same slider.

    It’s speed is based upon the fact that it is based on the Animo library which implements custom features from modern browsers like “requestAnimationFrame” and “Gpu Acceleration”.


    • Customizable slider look
    • Optimized Speed
    • Touch Support
    • Keyboard Support
    • Pattern Support
    • SEO Friendly
    • 10 types of effects:
      1. Fade
      2. Slide from left
      3. Slide from right
      4. Slide from top
      5. Slide from bottom
      6. Zoom
      7. Skew
      8. Rotate
      9. Random
      10. None
    • 5 Predifined Color themes: amethyst, coral, sun, turquoise, and the default one
    • Support of image filters: brightness,contrast,grayscale,hue-rotate,saturate,sepia. (Note that they currently are working only under chrome, opera and safari)
    • Different Content types: image, video, map
    • Customizeable map style: ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, TERRAIN
    • Customizable maps: zoom size, show infowindow, or hide it

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