CodingJack’s jQuery Percentage Preloader

    CodingJack's jQuery Percentage Preloader

    In the days of Flash we had lots of beautiful percentage-based preloaders. But when websites starting switching over to HTML/CSS/JavaScript, they’ve become almost extinct. Percentage Preloader isn’t ground-breaking technology. Instead, it’s a a clever script that when used correctly, is a fresh alternative to the typical infinite-based preloaders we’re so used to seeing these days. Percentage Preloader is what developers typically call a “bulk loader”. If you only have a one or two assets you need to preload, Percentage Preloader is not for you. But when used with a large number of assets (5+), Percentage Preloader works great at creating the illusion of progress.


    • Dark and Light Color Schemes
    • 8 Pre-Built Preloaders
    • Designed with CSS making them easy to edit and retina-ready.
    • Preload all the images and iframes on your web page by adding a simple data-attribute to your images.

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