Zebra : HTML5 Canvas Rich UI JavaScript Library

    Zebra: Desktop-Like User Interface With HTML5 Canvas

    Zebra is a javaScript library that follows easy OOP concept, provides HTML5 Canvas based Rich UI and includes Java to JavaScript converter tool .The approach sits on top of HTML5 Canvas element what makes possible to render any imaginable UI. Zebra development is much closer to software engineering where you write well structured, supportable, extendable code basing on easy Zebra OOP concept. You keep distance from the mess of HTML, JavaScript code, CSS and DOM manipulation. Zebra is pure WEB based alternative to Flash or Applet technologies that doesn’t require a plugging on a client side to be installed. In the same time Zebra utilizes power, simplicity and beauty of JavaScript coding.


    • Over 30 UI components
    • Customizable look and feel (theme support)
    • Flexible layouts
    • Declarative JSON-based UI
    • Easily extendable

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