jQuery Contact Tabs Plugin

    jQuery Contact Tabs Plugin

    A jQuery form generator for creating unlimited slide-out or static contact tabs containing AJAX powered customised forms. Plugin includes 12 different form elements and client-side validation.

    Both “light” and “dark” skins available. Add multiple tabs, each with its own custom form or use the built-in default standard contact form. All form HTML and styling generated by the plugin.


    • Create custom forms with 12 different form elements
    • Submit form via AJAX
    • Display either using slide out tabs or static tabs in your page content.
    • Fully flexible positioning.
    • Position sliding tabs relative to browser window or within the page content.
    • Includes validation options for form input
    • Includes both light & dark skins
    • Includes sample PHP file for sending email via PHP mail or SMTP (using PHP SMTPClient class)
    • Option to load open for slide out tabs.
    • Control order of tabs & select default tab on page load.
    • Show/hide slide out tabs or change active contact tab using external links.

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