Antiscroll: jQuery cross-browser native OSX Lion scrollbars

    Antiscroll: jQuery cross-browser native OSX Lion scrollbars

    OS X Lion style cross-browser native scrolling on the web that gets out of the way.Antiscroll fixes a fundamental problem JavaScript UI developers commonly face: how do I customize scrollbars so that they get out of the way (for example, for different form widgets), but retain their native scrolling properties (like OS widge scrolling velocity, or OS specific inertia)?

    Antiscroll addresses this issue by providing a cross-browser implementation of the scrollbars popularized by OS X Lion that retains native properties.


    • Supports mousewheels, trackpads, other input devices natively.
    • Total size is 1kb minified and gzipped.
    • Doesn’t magically autowrap your elements with divs (manual wrapping is necessary, please see index.html demo)
    • Fade in/out controlled with CSS3 animations.
    • Shows scrollbars upon hovering.
    • Scrollbars are draggable.
    • Size of container can be dynamically adjusted and scrollbars will adapt.
    • Supports IE7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari

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