Input & Textarea Character Limit Display with jQuery

    This little jQuery snippet will let you quickly add a limit counter
    to input fields to display available remaining characters.
    A nice feature to include for improved user experience.

    function($) {
    $.fn.extend( {
    limiter: function(limit, elem) {
    $(this).on("keyup focus", function() {
    setCount(this, elem);
    function setCount(src, elem) {
    var chars = src.value.length;
    if (chars > limit) {
    src.value = src.value.substr(0, limit);
    chars = limit;
    elem.html( limit – chars );
    setCount($(this)[0], elem);

    //To setup the limiter, simply include a call similar to the one below:
    var elem = $("#chars");
    $("#text").limiter(100, elem);

    The first parameter is the character limit integer and the second is a jQuery
    element representing the target object to display the characters remaining.
    This is not a replacement for the maxlength parameter or server-side validation,
    just a visual way to represent the limit.


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