niceTree – jQuery Tree Plugin

    niceTree - jQuery Tree Plugin

    Get rid of that ugly tree menu on your site with niceTree. An easy to install JQuery plugin with more options than you’ll ever need. niceTree will take your HTML and turn it into a collapsible menu system with unlimited menus within menus.


    • COLORS – Choose from blue, orange, red, green, gray, or create your own with our easy-to-understand CSS file.
    • CROSS BROWSER – Works great with all the major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE 9 , IE 8, and even IE 7 .
    • AJAX CONTENT – It’s simple to setup loading the menu items via ajax into a content ID on your page.
    • COLLAPSE /EXPAND – You can create expand/collapse all links with ease.
    • COOKIES – Choose to enable cookies on the menu and the user’s state of which menus were open and closed will be saved.
    • EASY HTML – The HTML is easy to setup. All it takes is a few classes and IDs to do things like open a menu on page load. Only tags like ul, li, a are required.
    • MULTIPLE TREE SUPPORT – You can use multiple trees in a single page.
    • ANIMATIONS – Multiple animations can be used like slide, bounce, clip, drop, and more.
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