Seahorse : JavaScript library of Form validation

    Seahorse : JavaScript library of Form validation

    Seahorse is a JavaScript library, licensed as free software, created to simplify the use of forms, particularly to simplify the form validation.

    Provides functions to validate, convert and serialize information and functions to assign real-time validation behaviors to form fields.It can be used with any JavaScript framework, however, has a plugin to be used along with jQuery.

    Seahorse provides several functions for handling numbers, dates, times, e-mail, plains texts, alphabetics texts or alphanumerics texts, among others.All the functions are highly configurable, allowing to specify the range of valid values, illegal characters, formats, and, in the case of behaviors, responses to the events of loss of focus and a key pressed.Implements behaviors for real-time validation of form fields. The behaviors can prevent the entry of certain characters, change the appearance of an element after validate an entered value or invoke other functions that handle the event.


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