jQuery Dynamic Grid: The Engine

    jQuery Dynamic Grid: The Engine

    Dynamic Grid is a jQuery plugin for generating an animated, responsive and great looking grid for your content – be it images, news feed, text and what not.

    With the help of some sophisticated algorithms the script fills the grid with cells with (optionally) random heights on every page load, and thus giving the widget a unique layout every time someone loads your page! Additionally, the algorithm is smart enough to prevent cells from being too big for the total size of the widget. Which means at any point in time, there is no cell that is only partially shown or hidden. It just works like it should!

    Number of options:

    • Number of columns
    • Number of rows
    • Random/fixed cell height
    • Padding between columns
    • Fluid/fixed width
    • Height
    • Easing effect
    • Animation speed
    • Animation interval

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