ezEditTable – Enhance Html Tables in jQuery

    ezEditTable - Enhance Html Tables in jQuery

    ezEditTable 2.0 is a javascript code aimed at enhancing regular HTML tables by adding features such as inline editing components, advanced selection and keyboard navigation. With just a line of code you can easily convert a regular HTML table in an advanced editable and selectable grid control.


    • Attach to an existing HTML table
    • Advanced selection model
    • Extended keyboard navigation
    • Inline cell or row editing
    • Insert and remove rows
    • Send changes to server via GET or POST methods by form submission or by including script elements in the head section (only GETs)
    • Integration with any server-side technology as this is a pure client-side solution
    • Callbacks for all events, and delegates for most actions
    • Based on plain javascript, that is, independent from any javascript framework but compatible with any of them (no for..in etc.)
    • Exhaustive documentation and API

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