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    How to Create a “Stay-On-Top” Menu with CSS3 and jQuery

    How to Create a "Stay-On-Top" Menu with CSS3 and jQuery

    In the project I was working on recently I had a chance to experiment with CSS3 and jQuery. You know CSS3, right? It’s that thing that makes all those beautiful and amazing things on the web and makes Flash want to run away and hide. Yeah, that CSS3. And I’m more than sure you have heard about jQuery.

    Clickable Table Rows with jQuery

    Clickable Table Rows with jQuery

    Tables have a bit of a bad reputation in the web world but there are a lot of times where using a table makes sense according to the data being presented. One of the most common approaches to tabular data is having a column on either side of actions the user can take to that specific row; Edit, Delete, etc. A really quick way to improve the user experience is by making each table row clickable.

    Interactive Image Vamp up with jQuery, CSS3 and PHP

    Interactive Image Vamp up with jQuery, CSS3 and PHP

    Today we will show you how to create an online application for giving some funny touches to an image. We will be using jQuery and jQuery UI for dragging and resizing little bling elements like mustaches and glasses. With PHP the image and the bling elements will get merged and the end result can be viewed.

    Simple AJAX jQuery Commenting System

    AJAX jQuery Commenting System

    This time, we are making a Simple AJAX Commenting System. It will feature a gravatar integration and demonstrate how to achieve effective communication between jQuery and PHP/MySQL with the help of JSON.

    Create A Multiple URL Shortener Page

    jquery Multiple URL Shortener Page

    There are various url shortener services on the Internet, you can use free services such as, tinyURL or create your own url shortener using some open sources. In this article, I’ll show you how to create a simple page that shows short urls created by multiple url shortener services. I’ll use HTML5, CSS3 for styling as well as jQuery for working with Ajax.

    jLayout – jQuery plugin

    jLayout - jQuery plugin

    The jLayout jQuery plugin provides four layout algorithms for laying out HTML elements in web pages.The plugin allows you to lay out your elements with as little code as possible, and behaves correctly when used with margins, padding and borders.

    jQuery animated feedback tab thingy

    jQuery animated feedback tab

    I saw this little widget being used on a couple of sites lately, and decided to try building one myself. Turned out to be pretty simple using jQuery and some css foo.

    arbor.js – A Graph Visualization Library

    jquery Graph Visualization Library

    Arbor is a graph visualization library built with web workers and jQuery. Rather than trying to be an all-encompassing framework, arbor provides an efficient, force-directed layout algorithm plus abstractions for graph organization and screen refresh handling. It leaves the actual screen-drawing to you. This means you can use it with canvas, SVG, or even positioned HTML elements; whatever display approach is appropriate for your project and your performance needs.

    jQuery Runloop Plugin

    jQuery Runloop Plugin

    With jQuery Runloop, you can create your own small runloop with keyframes at your own choosing, each with code to execute. You can put whatever code you want in each keyframe, rearrange keyframes easily, and use reusable maps of code and/or animations to share between runloops.
    It was created to have more power, more control and less hassle than dealing with jQuery .animate() callbacks. It hooks into jQuery’s Effects Queue by design, to avoid timing conflicts in the case of doing many multiple .animate() calls.

    jQuery Embedded Help System

    jQuery Embedded Help System

    jQuery E-Help is plugin for procedural(“How to …”) web user interface help and it’s easy to integrate into any web interface that supports jQuery. Useful for all web applications, CMS and E-commerce systems.