Create a Thumbnail with Fading Caption Using jQuery

Today we are going to learn to create another thumbnail effect with fading and transparent caption. It’s simple and obviously I have running out of ideas in jQuery tutorial because this is similar to jQuery Thumbnail with Zooming Image and Fading caption…

ppGallery – Elegant Lightbox Gallery Jquery Plugin

Showcase your gallery in style with ppGallery, an advanced lightbox photo gallery plugin built with the jQuery Framework. It is lightweight, unobtrusive and installs with ease. It has been tested on the latest versions of IE7, IE8, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Camino and Opera.

jQSlickWrap – Slick Text Wrapping For jQuery

jQSlickWrap is a plugin for jQuery which allows you to wrap content around irregularly shaped images, easily. Use float and padding CSS styles to specify how the wrapping will work. Written with Progressive Enhancement in mind.

PlusSlider with jQuery

PlusSlider with the following features:

  • Slides are HTML (Can be images or text)
  • Easily swap between fadingsliding
  • Multiple PlusSliders per page
  • Very simplevalid markup
  • Autoplay (Optional)
  • Next/Previous Navigation (Optional)
  • Paginated Navigation (Optional)
  • Tested on IE7+ and modern browsers

iCal-like calenders with jQuery

Here is a tutorial how to create astonishing iCal-like calendars with jQuery..

Fly-To-Basket Effect With jQuery

Here is the complete animated shopping cart with php , Ajax  and jQuery.

Making a Custom YouTube Video Player with jQuery

In this tutorial you will create a jQuery plugin which uses YouTube’s chromeless player, and creates our own set of minimalistic controls. The supported controls include a Play, Pause and Replay button – and also a clickable progress bar.

Feature Table Design with jQuery

“I ran into the feature table design and I was inspired to try and replicate it. First in Photoshop, then in HTML/CSS. Recreating cool stuff you find on the web is definitely an excise I recommend (a few days after, I read this – couldn’t agree more). As these exercises typically do, it lead me down some interesting paths.”

jStackmenu with jQuery

Here is a jQuery UI widget for Stack Menus.

How to Enhance Forms Using jQuery UI

jQuery makes creating UI so much easier without compromising speed and quality. In this tutorial we are going to enhance form using jQuery UI, so let’s get started.