Best jQuery SVG Tutorial Plugins & Tutorials with Demo

CoolClock in jQuery

jQuery analog clock

CoolClock is a customisable javascript analog clock.Though this plugin uses SVG to draw analog clocks but uses Jquery to draw them. Comes with a lot of skins to choose from. Also supports digital clock.

NETEYE Activity Indicator in jQuery

NETEYE Activity Indicator in jQuery

A jQuery plugin that renders a translucent activity indicator (spinner) using SVG or VML.

arbor.js – A Graph Visualization Library

jquery Graph Visualization Library

Arbor is a graph visualization library built with web workers and jQuery. Rather than trying to be an all-encompassing framework, arbor provides an efficient, force-directed layout algorithm plus abstractions for graph organization and screen refresh handling. It leaves the actual screen-drawing to you. This means you can use it with canvas, SVG, or even positioned HTML elements; whatever display approach is appropriate for your project and your performance needs.