Best jQuery Animation Plugins & Tutorials with Demo

Contained Sticky Scroll jQuery Plugin with Demo

Contained Sticky Scroll jQuery Plugin

The Contained Sticky Scroll plugin is designed to allow an element to stick to the top of the screen as page scrolls down, but without moving outside of the parent container.

Facebook Style Loading Bar Using CSS and jQuery

Facebook Style Loading Bar Using CSS and JQuery

Have you even paying attention on facebook ajax loading bar, think it’s simple but really cool, if you using high speed internet connection sure this image won’t show, but I always see it when I share a link on my personal facebook status. If you want to get the the image you can use this ajaxload image generator server, pick the facebook style on the combo box.

jQuery Portfolio Zoom Slider with Demo

Portfolio Zoom Slider with jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to create some nice effects for a portfolio or similar website with jQuery. We will create a tiny slider and integrate it with the amazing Cloud Zoom plugin and the elegant Fancybox plugin.

The idea is to give the user the option to view details of a portfolio item by zooming it on hover, and to allow a full view by clicking. Moreover, we want to have a couple of images for each item, hence we will create a slider.

Flip! jQuery plugin with Demo

flip jQuery Plugin

Flip is a jQuery plugin that will flip easily your elements in four directions.

Website Tour with jQuery

Website Tour with jQuery

Today we want to share a little script with you that allows to create a tour on a website with jQuery. This can be very useful if you want to explain your users the functioning of your web application…

jQuery Page Curl with Demo

jQuery Page Curl

This jQuery plugin allows you to add an interactive page curl to your website.

Contactable – A jQuery Plugin with Demo

Contactable – A jQuery Plugin

Contactable is a jQuery plugin designed to make contact/feedback forms simpler and more accessible. This plugin will enable you to create a contact form on any page of a site with minimal effort

jKill jQuery based Mob Game

jKill jQuery based Mob Game

Point and shoot game, kill presidents and prime ministers..

Animated Form Switching with jQuery

Animated Form Switching with jQuery

In this tutorial we will create a simple jQuery animated form switch with three very common forms. The idea is not to leave the page when the user goes to another form but instead make the new form appear within the same container, expanding or contracting to the dimensions of the new form.

jQuery Easy Slides with Demo

jQuery Easy Slides

Easy Slides is an extremely easy to use jQuery plugin for making  slideshows. It also has the advantage of being fairly light weight, with both Javascript and CSS weighing in at just under 2.1kb.