jQuery Horizontal Gridfolio Pro

jQuery Horizontal Gridfolio Pro

Horizontal Gridfolio Pro is a fully responsive media grid plugin that allows you to display media content with an unique and original layout. It’s perfect for presentations, for anyone that want to obtain a great impact on their visitors.

Horizontal Gridfolio Pro features a large variety of options, it can have any number of categories and each category can have any number of images. When a thumbnail is pressed you can choose either to display an original media lightbox which we have coded, no action or open a webpage. The lightbox can display images, iframe (html pages) and videos loaded from YouTube or Vimeo.


  • Responsive / Flexible / Fluid layout: the grid can be used with three display types, responsive/fixed, fluid width or fullscreen.
  • Autoscale: The grid can resize it’s height proportional to the width this way on smaller screens it will keep a correct ratio and it will be completely visible (optional).
  • Drag or Scroll Function: The grid can be dragged with the mouse/finger or scrolled like a regular HTML page.
  • Mouse wheel support: The grid can be scrolled with the mouse wheel (optional).
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