Check if an image url is valid with javascript/jquery

function imageTest(url) {
var imageTarget = $(‘#urlImageTester’); imageTarget.prop(‘src’, url);
var props = [‘naturalHeight’, ‘fileCreatedDate’]; var tests = []; var answer;
for (i in props) { tests.push(imageTarget.prop(props[i])); }
if($.browser.msie){(tests[1] == ‘undefined’) ? answer = false : answer = true;}else{(tests[0] == 0) ? answer = false : answer = true;}
return answer;

// create an image and hide it with css, the id used here us urlImageTester
// the function uses jquery to check if your using IE or another browser and proforms tests dependant on the browser.
// the function returns false if the url passed to it, is broken or invalid

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